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LAHacks is at UCLA, at the Pauley Pavilion. April 11-13, 2014.

Event Reports:
At Pelegri Blog: LA Hacks, Mixr, Bloodhound, Blicket, Pindow.
At Progress Blog: No Slackers Among These LA Hackers.


Progress Software


Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, VP, technology
Redwood City, CA, USA,

Company Details:

Main sites in Bedford MA (HQ, near Boston), Morrisville NC (nead Raleigh) and Hyderadab, India, plus others.

LAHacks Theme

Theme: Node.js + IOT ( Qualcomm Gimbal / Pebble ) – Add Rollbase for super-extra credit


Use Node.js to create an IOT application. There is a small IOT lending library. You can optionally leverage some Rollbase or other Pacific services (see below). There are prizes.

API Program Summary:

Node.js - you know about it.
Pebble / Node using Pushover
Gimbal SDK (iOS only so far - registration required)
Pacific (mostly Rollbase) - check

Progress at LAHacks

“We” (Eduardo) are in the booth at the end of the hallway. I won’t be able to man the booth all the time, be patient with me and check booth hours.

Booth Hours:

Hours will be updated through the event.
5pm - Eduardo arrives at LAX Friday
7pm - Booth opens at Pauley Pavillion
12:30am - Allocation of resources from Lending Library
1am - Booth closes
9am - Booth opens
xxpm - Booth closes
xxam - Booth opens
xxpm - Prizes awarded
xxpm - Resources from Lending Library must be returned

Lending Library Resources


The beacons can be borrowed for the duration of the event. Qualcom Gimbal Series 10 RadBeacon (Radius Networks) - 3 – can be borrowed for short periods of time


Pebble (plastic) - 1 – send me a strong proposal Philips Hue SDK - 1 (bridge + 3 lights) & Philips Hue lightstrip – you may need to share

Rules for Lending Library

Resource Allocation will be at 12:30am PT on Saturday

Provide contact info by sending mail to with:
CC everybody in the team,
Team Number / location and Team Name (if you have one)
Initial idea / area of what you plan to do with the resource.
For each member of the team, please provide
full name
school, major and year

Resources on Completion of Project

You can keep your Qualcomm Gimbal at the end of the hackathon if you complete it
All other resources need to be returned to the booth by XXXXXX.

Judging Rules:

Hacks will be judged on originality, technical difficulty, and applicability.
Extra points will be awarded if your hack leverages one of Pacific’s services (see link), but that is not necessary.


Main judge is eduardo but some additional judges will be remote; to help them:
Mail to with:
* Your team information
* A link to a description of your hack
* A link to a short video showcasing your hack.


All teams that “complete” their hack can keep their Qualcom Gimbals
1st prize is a iPad mini retina
2nd prize is the Pebble or the Philips Hue SDK