Winter 2015 Internship


Hiring Manager - Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Where - Mid-Peninsula, San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood Shores or possibly downtown Palo Alto)
When - Ideally January (Winter Break in some schools) with some flexibility around the boundaries.
How Long - 4 weeks
Openings - 2

Qualifications - Students with CS/Software interest. I am very flexible on what year in College/GradSchool/HighSchool they are but they must be sharp and solid developers or very fast learners as we have very little time. Check out the Summer2014 projects for an idea of what interns accomplished then.

Technologies - Varies with the project topic. For exampe, during the Summer2014 none of the interns knew Node.js but they all were somewhat familiar with Javascript and with Unix programming so they picked it up fairly quicky.


Specific topics will be adjusted based on the candidate but the current pool includes:

  • Upgrading our samples to Microsoft Band, Apple HomeKit, Apple Watch and Apple WatchKit, Android Wear, etc
  • Starting to generate Docker samples
  • Some more Node.js samples with AddOns and other modules
  • Incorporating KendoUI into the samples
  • Using Rollbase as a backend for some Sitefinity deployments.
  • Some samples using NativeScript.

Plus some ideas related to the pending Telerik acquisition.


The scenario we are exploring is code that could be used to run a hackathon. The full stretch goal would be something like:

  • Each table in the hackathon has some beacons
  • There is an app (in NativeScript) that all participants run that can be used to navigate through the tables
  • There is an app (in NativeScript) for the judges (intended to be used from smartphone or iPad)
  • Maybe connected to Philips Hue around the Hackathon space to help w/ indoor navigation (e.g. blink table so-and-so)
  • There may be a web site that has information about the event for the public
  • Server side (push notifications / chat?) is Modulus + Telerik
  • Data on traffic is kept on the server side, maybe connected to some analytics solution

Ideally we would be using HomeKit but this may be more work than its worth right now given that HomeKit compliant devices are not yet out.

We will attack this as a slice through the technologies before we broaden it.