The Specification Process

The Common Component Specifications are a set of standard specifications which may include API definitions, interfaces and other collateral to sufficiently define the components used in building application framework components like security, session management etc.

The Common Component Specification Project will create a Participant pool with representatives from our global community of customers and partners. This group will work with the goal of providing governance to produce a common component specification for modernization frameworks. A Steering Committee will govern the Common Component Specification process.

Want to know more? Check out the Common Components Specification Project Charter.

Want to submit a proposal? Download this template and send your proposal to CCS Submissions.

Framework Architecture

The Common Component Specifications add granularity and a prescriptive approach to building a framework based on the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) definitions. The OERA defines the following layers:

The Common Component Architecture is defined in OpenEdge Application Architecture (OEAA).

The initial set of specifications will focus on the Common Services Components.

Common Services Components

Data Access Components

Business Components

Service Interface Components

Presentation Components